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Water Well Construction:

Agricultural, Domestic, Industrial and Monitoring.


Geotechnical drilling:  Soil sampling and rock coring



Agricultural, Domestic, Monitoring well pumps, Installation, and repair.

Enloe Drilling and Pumps, Inc. is a multigeneration drilling company whose family has served Northern California for over 100 years.

Our goal is to provide excellent service to those seeking to develop a property for housing, irrigate agricultural land, or for City and small municipal projects.

We pride ourselves in partnering with our clients to find the best solution possible for them.  


    In 1913 Clarence Enloe left his homestead in Bend, Oregon for Portland, Oregon to purchase a steam-powered cable rig.  He brought the rig back to his homestead and drilled the first well by an Enloe.  He started a business in Klamath Falls and eventually moved to Susanville where he retired.  All three of his sons followed in his footsteps.
        Don Enloe (Grandpa) was the oldest of Clarence's sons and he drilled wells in Siskiyou County after moving to Washington State during World War II.  In 1946 he moved to Mt. Shasta and began drilling wells in the area which included a municipal well for the city that artesian over 1000 gallons per minute.  Grandpa moved to Big Springs in the late ’60s and drilled with cable rigs until he retired.
    Lynn Enloe (Dad) was the oldest of Don’s sons.  He started his career as a chemistry teacher in Red Bluff, California.  He couldn’t stay away from the family calling and went into well drilling in the early 1970s.  He was a founding partner in Aquarius Well Drilling, eventually stepping out on his own and establishing Enloe Drilling, Inc.  He moved into Grandpa’s house in Big Springs until his retirement in 2013.
        Arley Enloe, Lynn’s only son, started out as a History Teach and then a Pastor in Willow, Alaska.  After taking a position in his Dad’s company in 2005 while completing his education, he too felt the call and has made water well drilling a career.  In 2013, 100 years after the first Enloe drilled a well, Arley founded Enloe Drilling and Pumps, Inc.  Part of the mission is to help others in developing countries establish clean water sources.  His travels for charity have included Zambia, Mexico, and Peru.
    Jordan Enloe (Arley’s eldest son) and Simeon (the baby,) have both dipped their toes in the drilling business.  While their careers are still developing they both have spent significant time working for their Dad.

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 "Over 1.5 million people die annually from waterborne diseases. The quality of life for those without a source of clean water is drastically reduced and life becomes the desperate pursuit of daily needs.


Part of the mission of Enloe Drilling and Pumps, Inc. is to help support charity organizations in developing nations to establish clean water for those desperately in need.


The owner of Enloe Drilling and Pumps, Inc. is thankful for the prosperity provided by God through this great country we live in.  Helping others is our way of giving back."


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